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Three year’s ago a jewelry store owner in suburban New York City asked us to look at his website. He knew we worked in advertising, but our experience was mainly with large national marketers, not local stores like his.  He was not happy with the results of his efforts in digital marketing.  As a favor, we looked at what he was doing.


Indeed,  he had a website and a good one.  But we quickly saw that the was not actively managed. He had only a half- dozen Google reviews.  His Google My Business page was unclaimed. He did not have an active, updated presence on Facebook. His business was in the middle of the pack on Yelp. His site did not work well on mobile devices.


We went to work. In ten months he had over 60 Google reviews. Today he has over 200. His store has thousands of visitors monthly to the website. His database has swelled from 800 customers and prospects to over 7,000.  Business generated by his website is now a major source of new customers and revenue.





While working with him we learned a few things too:

  • Owning and running a retail store is a very hard job

  • Most retailers do not have the time to manage their digital marketing daily

  • Local retailers need a simple, low-cost way to manage their digital marketing or it will not get done.




Automation and Artificial intelligence are the only way to go. 




We began to curate a group of digital marketing platforms that would do automatically much that a local retailer needs.  They send out emails automatically, they ask customers for reviews automatically, and they identify visitors to  the website automatically.  It even alerts the retailer to get in touch with customers when necessary.  It is like having a marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Today we work for local businesses from New York to Florida. If you would like to know more, just get in touch and we will schedule a call.


Local is good. Local is powerful.  We will show you how to put it to work for your business.

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