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Become a Googlezilla with Signpost email marketing software

Dominate your competition with the only email marketing software that generates Google reviews from your customers: Signpost


The power of Signpost email marketing software to generate 4- and 5-star reviews

You may think you have more important things to do than attend to your Google reviews. But to your potential customers, there is no more important thing. With Signpost email marketing software, you can start getting 4- and 5-star reviews from your customers with no time or effort on your part. It takes just 30 minutes.

Signpost email marketing software is the fastest, easiest way to generate reviews from existing customer email lists. The gold mine all retailers are sitting on but few are mining.

It does this automatically via an AI logic chain to generate 5-star reviews, referrals, and promote loyalty through offers from your current client list.The concept is a digital-age version of word-of-mouth—the most powerful marketing tool. 80% of sales at most businesses come from 20% of already-satisfied customers. Signpost can generate new sales from customer referrals, and repeat sales from existing customers through offers and other outreach. Which makes it the most powerful e-commerce email marketing software.Signpost is what we call a “flip-the-switch” solution. It is a drip email marketing solution that requires next to no time and effort on the business’s part. We upload their contact list, and "flip the switch" to initiate the logic chain. And the real engagement begins!Because, unlike Constant Contact, Mailchimp and other email marketing solutions, Signpost engages back-and-forth with customers. Sending emails, eliciting responses and responding as if the retailer itself was carrying on a person-to-person conversation over time with each individual customer. Something all retailers wish they had the time to do. (See this article From Personal To Individual: Why Engaging Unique Consumers Requires Unique Communication. And, for larger clients, visit our partners at DecisionTree Analytics and Campaign Optimizer. These guys are geniuses at supporting larger clients across the full data-to-value chain. You want the most accurate and actionable data-driven insights? Contact DecisionTree.)

Here’s the secret power of Signpost: most customers would be happy to give a great review BUT RETAILERS NEVER ASK THEM! Signpost asks them on the retailer’s behalf, and the reviews cascade in.

But what about the negative reviews that all retailers fear? Won't more reviews mean greater risk of those 1-, 2-, and 3-star reviews? This is a real concern. According to a recent report from Streetfight, anything below a 4-star is "deadly" for local retailers. It's no surprise that many retailers default to the safety of a low review profile. They are willing to forego the benefit of 4- and 5-stars rather than risk the reputation damage of bad reviews. And those bad reviews never go away.Signpost reduces this risk by catching bad reviews before they appear online. It alerts the retailer of a bad review and allows the retailer to respond. This makes it less likely that the bad review will show up on Google or Yelp. But unlike other email marketing solutions, Signpost hosts a customized searchable landing page for each retailer. This landing page lists ONLY their 4- and 5-star reviews which further insulates the retailer from the reputation risk of bad reviews. And it allows the retailer to choose which review sites their customers can post to when asked--Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others. In many cases, retailers have opted to disallow Yelp. This is because of its "people also searched for" panel which lists competitors on a retailer's claimed Yelp page.Our jewelry client has gone from around 6 reviews a month to more than 215 5-star reviews. WITH NO 1's, 2's' or 3's. Today the business is growing. They’re meeting new customers who come in BECAUSE OF THE REVIEWS. And they’re #1 or #2 on the first page of Google SERP for their area. All while eliminating print advertising, doing no Google Ads, and no specific SEO! They moved up in Google rankings because of their 5-star reviews.

So what is the best email marketing software for you? We all know the importance of reviews. Only Signpost has the technology to generate them from the people who already know you and love you. Signpost: grow reviews and grow sales while protecting your reputation.