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Updated: Jan 11

Know who's visited your site. Get daily, weekly or monthly reports to turn those visitors into contacts. Then market to them to tun them into customers.

Every day potential customers visit your site. Some become customers. Others, the majority, click in, perhaps look at a few pages, and click out. Something about your site interested them enough to visit you. Research shows that these site visitors are among your best candidates to become customers. But once they click out, you do not know who they were and have no means to contact them with more information about your offering.

Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) changes all that. SVA allows you to identify anonymous visitors to your site. This is done by simply placing a tag on your site pages. Each tag generates a small real-time log file that records anonymous visits to each page on your site. These logs with names and email addresses are automatically collected, encrypted, and posted to a secure cloud environment.


We then match and validate the files against data about your current customer base. You can now retarget those anonymous visitors. Since you will know what pages on your site they visited, you can send them very specific product messages. Our clients who employ SVA have seen their email database expand by over one-third in four to six months.

Get in touch with us at MindOverDigital and we will explain how surprisingly affordable this valuable service is and how easy it is get started.