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Why MindOverDigital?

Updated: Jan 11

MindOverDigital is a new company. It started when a jeweler from whom my partner and I had purchased this and that over the years said to me that his local advertising was not working any more. He wanted to do more with digital advertising, but he could not figure it out, did not have the time to manage it, and felt he has just wasting his money doing what he was doing. He knew we were advertising guys and asked us to help.

We were hesitant to get involved. Most of the clients we had worked with over the years were large national clients, not local retailers. We knew the jewelry business – Tiffany had been a client – so we agreed to take a pro-bono look at what he was doing.

It was kind of new to us. We were used to working with companies with marketing and advertising staff. Our retailer friend was doing it by himself with the help of local media reps. We learned how busy the owner of a local business is, how the focus is so much on customers’ needs that business functions – like marketing – get short thrift for lack of time.

We put our minds to work. We knew our solution would need to be low-cost and easy to manage. We quickly realized that this small business could not wait for long-term results. We could have long-term goals, but ROI would need to start quickly and build over time.

We recommended some immediate changes to his online program and recommended some new digital platforms he had not been utilizing. We chose the latest available technologies, platforms that would work quietly and quickly in the background while our friend and his staff served customers.

We anticipated that he would see an uptick in web visits, online reviews and business. But we were startled by the speed and volume of customer response. In a matter of months the number of 4 and 5 Star Google reviews jumped from a dozen to over 30. Today they are over 220. New faces came through the door, their customer database increased three-fold.

They are now on the first page in Google rankings in their marketing area and are looked at as a digital leader in their category. You undoubtedly see companies in your category with one hundred or more reviews. That does not just happen. It happens because someone has implemented a digital plan to build a business.

The conventional wisdom has been that the internet has put local businesses in a dark corner. Customers want to shop online, the decline of the local business is inevitable.

Don’t believe that! What we learned is this: Yes, today’s customers want to deal with businesses that have an online reputation. Yes, they are going to go online and look at reviews before they visit a store or call to make an appointment.

You know what else we learned? Customers love the idea that your business is local. They want to hear your point-of-view, get your advice before they make a purchase. Your local presence is a huge plus. And the internet is one of your best friends because it extends your reach to so many new potential customers.

But… you must get in the game. Embrace the new technology, put it to work for your business. Signal to your customers that you are a digital player. It is not enough to just have a website.

It can be complicated. That is why we formed MindOverDigital. We give you access to technology that we know is going to build your business. You can start by spending a few hundred dollars a month. You will see more online reviews, more new customers and more revenue.

Don’t let Amazon and the other online players get you down. But don’t play an out-of-date game either. Play their digital game, and leverage your local reputation and location. You will see that for many customers you will be their preferred choice over Amazon or another online-only player.

Just get started. Remember, MindOverDigital. Get in touch with us today.