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Updated: Jan 11

MindOverDigital will build you a beautiful modern site with all the latest technology 

on the amazing WIX platform. We want to introduce you to WIX, a website building platform we’ve been using for the last few months. It’s made building websites for our clients SO fast and easy.

What's even better, our clients LOVE that it requires no time or effort on their part. A short onboarding call is all the time-investment it takes to get a modern, beautiful, technically up-to-date website....IN DAYS, NOT WEEKS.

Best of all, we can now build awesome WIX websites for our clients for way less than developer-built sites like Wordpress.

In fact, if you go to our site, mindoverdigital.com, you'll see it in action. 

We built it in WIX and there are examples of other WIX sites.

So give us a call or email us. Our website packages start at just $450. 

And right now, we're having a NEW CLIENT SALE--15% off any of 

our packages. 

Whadaya say, can we talk?

CLAIM YOUR NEW CLIENT 15% DISCOUNT CALL 917-796-0996 or go to our contact page.