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Target your best customer “clones”

100% REACH. 0% WASTE.

Protect your advertising investment:  target only ‘clones’ of your current customers.

Advertise to the people who are most likely to want your product or service, based on the one data point that matters: they look exactly like the people who are already doing business with you!


We match your existing customer lists to look-alike households based on the IP addresses (not cookies) of both online and off line data from consumers, businesses, mobile devices, and Internet sites. Matched look-alike consumers can then be used for direct marketing and digital display advertising. The result?


Virtually any consumer household that resembles your current consumers, in any market you choose, can be targeted with nearly 100% reach and 0% waste. 

Reach every ISP delivery point and device in the U.S. or Canada

Match consumers based on multiple known demographic attributes

Identify specific organizations by name, titles, revenue and NAICS codes

Target nearly 100 percent of all audiences and devices and link them to their known demographics and contextual preferences

Programmatically link every audience to the media sites that will interest them