The 'Near Me' Search.

The Great Leveler.

The localization of Search on the web has been a great leveler for retailers, making it possible to compete successfully against their local and national rivals in their local markets. Trouble is, most retailers do not realize that technology now exists to give them the same kind of advantages as the big boxes. These technologies help retailers optimize the single most powerful two words in online marketing:

"near me"

 “[search term] near me" is becoming the most popular search phrase of all time. Over 75% of all searches on the web are for local services and products. Businesses want suppliers who are near them, and consumers want the convenience of finding things locally so they can shop right now. Go to any category, Landscaping Services, Medical Specialties, Pet Groomers, Plumbers, etc. and add the phrase “near me” and you have found the most popular search phrase on the internet.  As we say, Local is Good. Local is Powerful.  You just need to take advantage of it.



To find out more about these technologies and how easy and affordable to take advantage of them for local search, head over to our page THE POWER OF PLATFORMS.

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